Special Regeneration Fund (SRF)



SRF is a flexible grant scheme delivered by Bridgend County Borough Council. It provides small and medium sized businesses (SMEs) with a “customer-led” approach to funding opportunities.  Businesses will need to demonstrate that a significant proportion of their activity is ‘business-to-business’.  Funding will not be available to the retail sector and services operating in a purely local market, although other sectors can be considered such as tourism. 

Who can apply?

SMEs either located in, or seeking to locate in, Bridgend County Borough are eligible. SMEs are businesses employing less than 250 people and with either a turnover less than 50 Euro or a balance sheet less than 43 Euro. Most sectors are eligible but not retail or those operating purely in a local market.

Who cannot apply?

Those who are not eligible to apply are:-

What can be funded and how much can you apply for?

Projects considered under the scheme could include investment in capital equipment and refurbishment of business premises. The funding offers up to 40% of grant support for approved project costs up to a maximum of £5,000.  The minimum grant amount will be £1,000.

What we cannot fund

There are certain costs the scheme cannot fund, such as VAT or any other taxes, vehicles, legal costs/works being carried out as a statutory requirement, refinancing of bad debts of any kind, training costs and any costs incurred prior to formal approval.

How to apply

For an application pack please contact Jeff Peters on 01656 815313 or email

Please note that completion of an Expression of Interest form does not constitute a guarantee of funding. 

Please note that the council’s Kick Start and SRF business support grant schemes are currently on hold. The current budgets are now committed for the financial year 2017/18.

However, if you would like to submit an application, it will be put on a reserve list should any further funding become available.

Please also note that any expenditure incurred before approval cannot be considered for grant support.