Bridgend-based business wins rewarding deals with two of America’s household names

12/12/2018 00:00:00

A Bridgend-based business has won rewarding deals with two of America’s household names in financial services and fast food, by using digital technology to provide busy clients with online access to executive coaching programmes.

Accolade Academy is using new coaching technology that helps it to deliver effective programmes while minimising disruption to the working day, in a move that has enabled it to compete with training providers in Canada and the USA, as well as across the UK and parts of Europe.

With the Bridgend-based business thriving, the potential for growth is enormous with the new contract in Ohio predicted to help increase the firm’s annual turnover by up to 350%.

To support this ambition, Accolade has sought help from Superfast Business Wales to maximise the potential of broadband-enabled technology, while maintaining the ‘personal’ approach that has served the business well since it launched in 2005. Find out more about Superfast Business Wales.

To find out more about Accolade Academy please visit their website.