Bridgend employers helping to develop learning methods at Festival of Learning week 25-29 June 2018

07/06/2018 00:00:00

Employers throughout Bridgend County Borough are set to support the area’s first-ever Festival of Learning.

Designed to facilitate the sharing and development of innovative new learning methods, the festival will see local schools hosting up to 200 workshops as more than 300 pupils, educators, employers and trainers take part in a two-day symposium and learning event. Covering modern developments such as virtual reality technology and Lego therapy in the classroom as well as new literacy and numeracy techniques, the festival will focus on how to create positive learning environments designed to give children the best start in life possible.

All developments will be shared through Bridgend County Borough and beyond.

If you are a Bridgend County Borough employer and would like more information, please email