PopUp Business School breeds bright business prospects

06/07/2018 00:00:00

Eighty budding entrepreneurs have benefitted from an innovative two-week programme to help them turn their dream business into a reality.

The FREE PopUp Business School, which was run in partnership with Bridgend County Borough Council and Valleys to Coast Housing Association, gave attendees a fresh perspective on how to bring their ideas to market.

The programme also covered a range of key business tools including digital marketing, selling, negotiating and finance, arming participants with the confidence, skills and knowledge that they will need to start and grow a successful business.

Jack Ailing, PopUp Business School, said: “Over the two weeks 80 people started their own journey to self-employment and making money doing something they love. Throughout the course, they set up free websites and social media accounts, learnt sales and negotiation skills and gained confidence by networking amongst themselves and with potential customers.

“With the support of Bridgend County Borough Council and Valleys to Coast Housing Association we were able to offer the workshops free of charge which fits in with our belief that new business people don’t need to spend money to make money.”

Councillor Charles Smith, Bridgend County Borough Council’s Cabinet Member for Regeneration and Education, said: “The success of the PopUp Business School is a great indicator of the entrepreneurial spirit that exists in Bridgend County Borough. People want to do business in Bridgend, and the number of new enterprises setting up here is increasing at a quicker rate than for Wales as a whole.

“We have recently authorised a £5.5m Enterprise Hub Programme to ensure that suitable, high quality premises are available in the county borough for start-up businesses, which would represent the largest single programme of business property development ever undertaken by Bridgend County Borough Council.”

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