Shaping Bridgend’s Future budget consultation is now live!

10/10/2018 00:00:00

Over the past four years the council has reduced its budget by more than £30 million. Some of the ways this was achieved was by streamlining the senior management structure and reducing staff numbers by over 400, through innovative partnership working with the likes of Awen Cultural Trust, and reducing service provision in some areas such as public conveniences and street cleaning.

However, despite the changes made so far, the council still has to make a further £35 million saving by 2023. Some of the proposals being considered include increasing council tax, reducing some services such as day centres and leisure facilities and in some instances removing services such as youth clubs and Bridgend Bus Station.

We also have some proposals around generating income such as charging more for the use of sports pitches and services such as garden waste collections.

By participating in the budget consultation you can have your say on which services are important to you. Have your say here: